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Canadian Army transported a heavy-duty armored vehicle from Singapore via Amsterdam to Toronto Pearson Airport. We consulted with a large team on all ends to provide a unique and safe solution to this very challenging cargo operation. Never before had we airfreighted such a heavy load and we had to have highly experience team to move and shift with great care and caution from the cargo lift to tilt and roll into position and lock onto the PDU's.  The off-loading was another interesting concept wherein we designed and executed a plan that helped to perfectly push the truck off the Combi main deck door onto the high loader and onto a 20 foot pallett to be successfully transferred to the main destination.
<![CDATA[Annual Dutch Hertiage Celebration By Deswal]]>Sat, 28 May 2016 07:00:00 GMThttp://canskyaviation.com/industry-news/annual-dutch-hertiage-celebration-by-deswal
May is Dutch Heritage Month in Ontario, and this  bill was presented by the former
​Deputy Premier of Ontario, Mrs. Elizabeth Witmer at Queen's Park and adopted officially by the legislative assembly.Every year Deswal and his team collaborate with the Dutch Consulate in Canada to bring together a celebration of pride and joy for the Dutch and aviation community. An exclusive group of dignitaries, airline industry executives and elite members of community gather at Terminal 3 Pearson Airport, Pyramid room for celebrations, speeches and sharing of heritage and culture. This creatively constructed celebration showcases Dutch cultures  and aviation community along with  delicious food and drink. A great way to promote and showcase a global brand that has been serving Pearson Airport for over 40 years!
<![CDATA[CanSky Aviation Sponsors IAITS 2015]]>Thu, 29 Oct 2015 07:00:00 GMThttp://canskyaviation.com/industry-news/cansky-aviation-sponsors-iaits-2015
In 2015 CanSky Aviation was proud to sponsor the prestigious IAITS Annual Conference covering over 2000 delegates from across Canada and overseas. The speakers and experts in each area provided theideal setting for participants to interact and learn from law enforcement members, government regulatory agencies, private sector, aviation professionals, and business partners all of whom are committed to Public Safety.
IAITS Topics of Discussion Include:
Terrorism \\ The Internal Threat \\ Drug Importation \\ Traditional Organized Crime \\ Airport Security / Passenger Safety Cargo Thefts \\ Human Trafficking \\ Other Topics of Interest

As next this years dates are being finalized - here are some reasons to attend:
Hear from law enforcement partners, government regulatory officials and private sector airline security representatives bring their expertise to our gathering; 

  •  Stay abreast of current trends, investigations, services (ideas), lessons learned and best practices offered by our ‘Rapid Fire Tool Box’ and Guest Speaker presenters.
  •  Get updates from the various stakeholders involved in security and investigations affiliated at domestic and international airports, including law enforcement, government regulatory agencies, aviation professionals, security, and more;
  •  Interact with key members in law enforcement, safety security and leading decision-makers within the industry;
  •  Connect with over 200 fellow partners in law enforcement, government regulatory agencies, and the private sector
  • Expand your database of key industry contacts.
Stay tuned and keep checking the website for more updates. http://iaits.ca/agenda/